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Bygone Basics Fresh-baked PiesOne of Michigan’s best Pies by Mlive! Always flavorful & delightfully homemade just to your bakery order. Our pastries are made with butter and lard…no shortenings or margarine. The fillings don’t come from a can, they come from our own eggs, local farms, and dairies. – Must be ordered in advance.

In Season specialties (such as Rhubarb Custard in May/June), Apples n Honey, Cherry, Coconut Cream, Custard, Pumpkin, Pecan…to name a few.

Challenge us with your request. We can make a vinegar pie taste great!

  • Fruit Pies $14.00
  • Cream/Custard Pies $15
  • Pecan/Nut Pies $17 (due to nut prices)
  • Cheese cakes $17


Bygone Basics Fresh-baked BreadsTraditional loaves of every flavor, white, wheat, cheese, raisin swirl, pumpkin and banana for examples…Crusty baguettes with delicious white interiors just begging for your favorite cheese or sauce. Stonebaked artisan breads from our bakery oven that will go perfectly with your favorite stew or just with butter too.

Gluten Free breads, brownies and cookies too! All await your order. Can’t decide? Call us and we will help you choose the perfect bread.

  • Artisan Stone Baked (1 lb) $5.00, (1.5 lb) $6.00
  • Baguettes (1 lb) $5.00
  • Traditional Loaf (1.5 lb) $5.00
  • Sweet Breads (1 lb) $6.00
  • Gluten Free $7.00
  • Brownies (8×8″) 10.00 – Gluten Free $12.00

Muffins, Donuts & Cakes

Bygone Basics Fresh-baked MuffinsOrder any of these in advance … you won’t regret it! Melt in your mouth raisin muffins, grandma’s oatmeal muffins, lite-n-sunny muffins, a favorite british aunt’s crumpets and old-fashioned donuts are just some suggestions for old time favorites.

Maybe you are in the mood for heirloom cakes. Might we suggest the fabulously moist and chocolatey WWII Chocolate Cake? How about an apple cinnamon bundt cake for your coffee meeting?

  • Crumpets 12 for $7.00
  • Muffins 12 for $12
  • Donuts 12 for $10
  • Cakes (prices vary) $10-$20  (Note:  we are not cake decorators)
  • Cupcakes (pricing varies with options) $12 – $20 per dozen


Bygone Basics CandiesNancy’s (Valerie’s Mom) fudge comes to mind when we think of a recipe passed through the generations. This is a fantastic traditional chocolate recipe with walnuts.

Also made here at Bygone Basics is Hard Candy (aka Stained glass candy) in all shades and flavors. It makes a beautiful gift. Of course Peanut Brittle too…all candies are passed down recipes, made with the same care our mother and grandmother had.

  • Rock Candy (6 oz) $4.00
  • Peanut Brittle (1lb) $8.00

Cookies, Biscotti, & Scones

Bygone Basics Fresh-baked CookiesWho doesn’t love a good cookie? (especially with a glass of milk or cup of hot coffee to dunk it in!) These cookie & scone recipes are made using original ingredients listed on the recipe. No margarine here! Order your favorite childhood variety. Customer favorites are Chocolate Chip (has oatmeal), Peanut Butter, Snickerdoodles, Molasses, & Seasonal surprises (apple spice cookies in the fall and asparagus cookies in the spring, for example).

Our scones are made in the traditional triangles and use wholesome ingredients like buttermilk or cream and fruits. They are great with jam or all by themselves! Popular ones are Country (currant), Chocolate Chip, Cherry Nut, and Blueberry Orange

  • Scones (per flavor) 6-$6.00 & 12 for $10.00
  • Cookies 12 for $7.00
  • Biscotti 12 for $10

Toppings, Jams & Jellies

Bygone Basics Jams & JelliesAvailable year around in the general store. Call ahead if you seek a certain flavor. Valerie makes her jams and jellies from produce at its peak. These preserves transport you into yesteryear where grandma’s kitchen was always warm and welcoming and the aroma of bread baking was ever present. She always had her homemade preserves to spread on that bread. Varieties in stock vary dependent upon how fast they go. Call to see what is on the pantry shelf.

Better yet….order a batch of your favorite, to be made when that fruit is perfect for jam/jelly making. Both sweet and savory flavors. Favorites are Cherry Topping, Blueberry Topping, Apple Butter, Cherry Preserves, Farm Market Jam, Summer Heat (Cherries & Jalapenos), Blueberry Peach, Peach marmalade, and Apple Cider Jelly.

  • 8 oz. jar $6.50
  • 4 oz. jar $5.00

Flavor Packets, Herbs & Herbed Products

Bygone Basics Flavor PacketsAvailable year around. Our theory is that if we tend it and grow it, it had better be useful. While some flowers fit that bill, herbs certainly do! We grow and dry our own herbs, fruits & veggies for use in the kitchen, soaps, colorings, personal care, and home remedies.

So wonderful on our fresh-from-the-garden salads are herbed vinegars. Healthy and zesty! Many combinations while supplies last. Call to see what is available or to order yours. Wow your guests with our Try Tarragon Balsamic Vinegar to flavor that chicken. OR, the Italian Blend Flavor packet blended with mayo or butter on your sandwich.

How about a nice fruity, sweet blend to mix with cream cheese for a wonderful fruit dip? Sweet or Savory Flavor Packets (mix with butter, mayo, or cream cheese; or use as rubs or yogurt/cereal toppings) Choose from: Strawberries & Brown Sugar, Only in Michigan (a fruity blend), Warm Butter (zesty blend that includes peppers & lime), and Italian Lemon Herb.

  • Herb Vinegar (8 oz) $8.00
  • Fresh Herbs (1 oz) $4.00
  • Dried Herbs (1 oz) $6.00
  • Sweet or Savory Flavor Packets (1/2 oz) $5.00

Eggs & Garden Produce

Bygone Basics Farm EggsHave I mentioned that we have chickens and ducks? Valerie can often be seen with a flock of her “girls” following her about the lawns. These are spoiled little ladies and they produce a wide variety of healthy eggs. Blue, Green, brown, white.

They range in size from large to fairy. The huge duck eggs taste like the chicken eggs and are great for baking. They are gathered twice daily (so they are never all in the same basket), washed and refrigerated.As seasonal harvests out produce us, we often sell the over abundance. Call to discover what is available. We are pretty sure there is always zucchini!

  • Assorted Chicken Eggs (1 dzn) $4.00
  • Duck Eggs (1 dzn) $10.00
  • Garden Produce (call for availability & prices)


Bygone Basics Handmade CandlesHand made candles using beeswax, paraffin and tallow just as our grandmother did. We spend about three hours on each batch of tapers, hand-dipping into a vat over open flame. Every candle is unique.

Natural ingredients are used for coloring like ground herbs, dried beets, and spices steeped in liquid (hot) tallow.

  • Candles (7″ pair) $6.00
  • Candles (10″ pair) $10.00

Soaps & Personal Care

Bygone Basics Handmade SoapsOur soaps are made from all natural ingredients. No chemical stabilizers or fillers. No dyes. No artificial perfumes. Only natural ingredients.

Color and mild scent comes from ground herbs, flowers, oil steeped natural clays, natural oils, and spices. Goats milk is a regular ingredient. These are lye-based soaps made in the same time honored way as generations ago when making your own soap was part of the household tasks.

Introduced into the soaps are helping ingredients like oatmeal, beer, rosemary, and honey. These types of ingredients help adjust the soap for desired skin types and moisturizing or strong cleansing abilities.

Lotions and balms are coming soon!

  • Soap (full-sized bar) $4.00
  • Soap (mini-bars) $2.50

Kitchen Goods

Kitchen Goods

We often have kitchen goods for purchase as well.  Canning supplies, potholders (made by daughter, Jessica), Mugs, and handcrafted etched wooden spoons, to name a few.  And these can round out a great gift basket of goodies!

  • Potholders (assorted colors) $5.00
  • Wooden Spoons (hand etched) $10.00
  • Mugs $10
  • Canning kits and canning books $10