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Specials & Packages

These specials and packages change often so be sure check back for new specials.

Book on our Website and get a great Discount!

Due to 3rd party booking engines keeping a large percentage of our room fees we’ve had to raise prices.  But!!!  If you book on our website (the one you are on) you can count on a 15% discount.  Just go ahead and book on our online system.  Don’t worry, your card will not be charged.  Mention the OURSITE discount in the reservation notes.  Your reservation will be discounted 15% and a confirmation notice reflecting this will be sent to you. For lodging only.  Not valid with other specials or deals.  This special discount offer ends on October 31st 2017 as off-season lower rates automatically go into effect on 11/1/17.

Pasta and Pinot Package

Fresh pasta and wine… you can’t argue with that combination as it has stood the test of time and will always be a fantastic way to spend an evening. This class is an adult only cooking class where you enjoy a glass of wine as you learn how to hand roll pasta, create ravioli, gnocchi, tortellini, linguini and more. The class will be different each time, so you can keep coming back! One time make egg noodles and ravioli; the next Spätzle and gnocchi, anther time it’ll be fettuccini and tortellini. This is the perfect class for a group of friends.  We will also be making some traditional sauces. There’s other surprise dishes for your meal…like roasted red pepper and asparagus to go nicely with fettuccini or meatballs for spaghetti, for example, that you’ll discover at the dining table. Spread the word and let’s have a pasta party!

Each session includes instructions and samples, plus leftovers to take back home. Everyone in the session sits together and dines on pasta and sauce creations, along with other dishes.  Two complimentary glasses of wine, paired for the meal are included; bring a bottle of your favorite if you wish!

$49.00 per person for guests staying at the B&B

$55 per person, non-guests

If you are the first to book a session, you choose the pasta type from below.  Some possible options are:

Making free-form pasta: Spätzle with a mushroom cream sauce and Gnocchi with Butter-Sage Sauce.

Making extruded pasta:  Rigatoni with cheese sauce and Spaghetti with Tomato Marinara.

Learn to use a pasta roller: Fettuccini with Alfredo sauce and Cheese Tortellini with a Cream sauce (wine and asparagus are key ingredients!)

Handmade pasta: Making Basil Egg Noodles with a Quick Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup and Cheese Ravioli with Easy Marinara.

A mix of hand made and pasta roller: Making Spaghetti with a Tomato, Garlic, Butter sauce and Lasagna baked with Ricotta and Tomato sauce.

Arrive for the class and check-in early if room is ready.  Another suggestion is to stay the night before and stay later!

Murder Mystery Package

From October through May, we offer a Murder Mystery Weekend.  Participants will enjoy an early check-in (we suggest a 2 day stay so you can enjoy the area outside of the mystery activities, but a 1-day will work), dinner, and a MURDER.  This is so much fun, and it is only $38 per person for guests!!  You will be emailed your character and role prior to arrival.  The mystery activities last from 5 pm until around 8 pm on Saturday, with food courses as acts.  These are themed mysteries based on season/month.  All are different, keep coming back for the next one!  We need a minimum occupancy of four to make this fun (8 is best).   But your stay is sure to please all by itself.  The party will be opened to non-staying guests for $48 per person.  Will you be Rocco Scarfazzi, or perhaps you will attend as Father Al Fredo? You’ll find out once you register to attend these drop dead fun Murder Mysteries!  Held on some Saturdays, 5 pm until 8 pm – October through May.  Adult themed.  Not suitable for under 17 years of age.  Not fully suitable for special diets (some foods are naturally gluten free or vegetarian, such as salads, and these are present but no separate dishes can be prepared.)

We reserve the right to change posted theme to adjust to group sizes.

10/21/17: Zombie Cannibal Asylum  You are the unfortunate inmates and staff at Penderghast Asylum, a facility for the criminally insane that has been turned over to the tender care of Dr. Abraham Weiler, who is using the inmates as research subjects in his quest to find a cure for the zombie virus that is ravaging the world.

11/11/17: Pasta, Passion, & Pistols.  Italian Restauranteur, Pepi Roni, has been shot with his own pistol.  Tonight his friends and family gather to pay respects, but one of the guests is shedding false tears…..

12/2/17: Murder at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.  The Snowflake Lodge is hosting the annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party again this
year. The townspeople of Snow Falls are excited about the holiday celebration, as the lodge is where the who’s who of society will flock to show off their not-so fashionable holiday attire. Unfortunately, sparks have flown between some of the guests lately with rumors of lackmail, greed, and revenge.

1/6/18:  Death by Chocolate.  April 1900, Easter Sunday. Paris is the centre of world attention for the International Exposition. A diverse group of individuals at the Hotel Paradiso gather for dinner, when the hotel is rocked by an explosion. Billy Bonka, a foremost chocolate manufacturer, is found dead in his room, killed by an exploding Easter Egg. Suspicion falls on the people around his table….

2/3/18: Murder at the Mardi Gras. New Orlean’s governor is throwing a grand Mardi Gras Masquerade when a murderer strikes.  Revelers must put down their Hurricanes and boas to determine the murderer.  Who is masquerading in more than a mask?

2/17/18:  Casino: Dead Money.  You have been invited to an evening of gambling and entertainment at the Lady Lux, a casino owned by the wealthy Dona Mancini. The guest list includes a number of gambling enthusiasts—from high rollers to novices—as well as the performers, dealers, and other staff employed by Dona Mancini. Everyone is expecting an evening replete with games of chance, dinner, drinks, and maybe a show—they aren’t expecting a Murder!

3/10/18:  Death in St. James Park. 1943 London, England  The office of Internal Security has been assigned to investigate the murder of Elizabeth
Morgan. She was last seen leaving to deliver a special report to Buckingham Palace.  It is best to get this matter cleared up quickly and privately before the press turns it into a government scandal.

3/24/18:  Stiffen Very Carefully.  Listen very carefully; this is ‘Night Owl’ calling. It is wartime in occupied France and in the sleepy village of Vieuxvion, café owners Ronné and Ethel Tartine are trying to keep the Germans happy while secretly helping the Résistance.  However, all hell breaks loose when the body of an RAF pilot is found at the café. It looks suspiciously like murder, but who did it and why was the pilot holding a (German?!) sausage?

4/7/18:  A Feast to Die For!  The Lesters were hosting another one of their fabulous dinner parties.  They and their guests were just sitting down to enjoy the elaborate dinner Victoria had prepared.  A toast to the hostess….what?  She’s sputtering….POISON!  Someone has brought more than their appetite to dinner.

4/28/18:  Murder on the Grill. Could it be Ivan Spudnik, the Russian rocket scientist, or maybe Chubby Cheddar, the hit rock ‘n’ roll musician with a secret? Somebody put a barbecue fork through car dealer Tom Dooley, and that somebody is at your 1950’s dinner party.

5/12/18:  A Taste for Wine and Murder.  It’s a tour of California wine country with and the annual wine-tasting festival is in full swing.  The body of local vineyard owner Barry Underwood is discovered hidden beneath his wine cellar.  Barry went missing 6 years ago!  Will you be Marilyn Merlot or Otto Von Schnapps?

5/26/18: Dead on Time.  1930, 0n the Trans-Siberian Express bound for Moscow. The Japanese Ambassador’s personal aide has been found dead ~ in a cabin that has been bolted from the inside! Sift through the evidence and ultimately reveal who dun the dastardly deed!…!

Mention this package at registration.

$38 pp for our B&B guests.  Not staying at the B&B but want to participate?  It is still only $48


Murder Mystery


Free Cooking School Session

Book a multi-day stay between 10/15 and 5/15 and add on a cooking class for 2 only $70.  A savings of $30!  Choose from Scones, Pie making, Pasta, Knife Skills, Bread Baking, Butter Churning.  There are other sessions available, but they require an additional fee.  Do inquire if there’s something else you wished to experience.  Not valid over holidays or Murder Mystery weekends.  Be sure and mention your plan to engage this discount at registration….Valerie will communicate with you to set-up your Bygone Basics Experience. This is subject to scheduling availability, there are some black-out times, and is not available on holidays.  Mention this package when registering. 

Price depends on room selection.

Extended Stay Package

Book a room for an extended stay of 3 or more days and enjoy a discount of 20% off! Offer valid 11/15 to 04/15

Double Occupancy (extra rates apply for additional persons in room, however the discount applies to this as well). Select this package at registration. Sorry, we cannot discount holidays.

Romance Package

Book our 1920s or 1900s Room for a romance stay.  Get an early check-in at 3:00 pm so you can settle in and enjoy your bouquet of flowers and the appetizers delivered to your room after checking in. Relax and unwind for a bit before heading out to use a $20 gift card to the Crosswinds on the Lake restaurant in Whitehall (or other restaurant if necessary or requested). After enjoying that nice dinner come back, snag the bottle of wine and chocolates that will be waiting for you on ice outside your door and spend true quality time together. If in the 1920s Room soak in the huge Jacuzzi tub by the fire (electric, heat and ambiance) and get a wonderful rest that night… before waking to a sumptuous and hearty farm breakfast. Enjoy a little extra time in the morning with a late check-out of 12 pm. Applicable taxes apply.

$65 over room cost Mention you are engaging this package at registration.

Early Spring Package

At $119 per weekday night, enjoy your 2 night early spring fun getaway in the 1900s Room at Amanda’s Bequest Bed & Breakfast where there is plenty of parking for your snowmobiles, bikes, kayaks, or boats. We are close to the local trails for skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and biking, as well as the water for ice fishing and water sports…so many varied seasonal activities…so the weather doesn’t matter!  Consider booking a culinary session at our onsite cooking school.

Your package includes an early check-in of 2 pm, flowers and chocolates in your room, map for local trails Including a local wine/brew trail, and activities listings, we will make any reservations you would like as well, and a late check-out at noon.

Enjoy an evening reception of a hot beverage and appetizers…and a hot, hearty breakfast of course!

Book two night stay on weekdays (M-Th) between Offer valid March 01 through April 30 and limited to first 15 reservations. Price does not include applicable lodging taxes.  Mention this package at registration in the special requirements text box.

Noah’s Rally – Work Bee – Stay for FREE

Each year in April, we hold a work bee weekend.  The rooms are free of charge, first come first served.  If the rooms are taken, or you just choose to, there is space for tents and campers (limited).  Choose to stay the whole weekend or just part of it.  The 2017 dates are:  April 20, 21, 22.  Arrive 2 pm or after on Friday and all will be ended by 2:30 pm on Sunday.

Together, we all complete tasks that are necessary to keep this 1872 Manse and the property strong and healthy.  In 2015, the group of approximately 17 people put in a woodland art-walk trail, planted some landscaping, cooked/baked food, raked, created works of “art” for the trail, and painted.  BUT know that more than tasks were achieved!  We also played croquet, took breaks that included a lot of stories and laughter, had bonfires in the evening, made and enjoyed community meals together, and created new friendships.  In 2016, roughly 20 people, painted books on concrete blocks for an outdoor “Book Shelf”, restored the house trim to it’s original 1872 colors, ate tons of food, enjoyed bonfires, and friendship.  In 2017, the manse got its front porch put back on (it was torn off in 1961) and a wine bottle fence was imagined and created…among other things.  This is very much like a barnraising.  Tasks range from very simple to challenging and you get to decide what level you are capable of, ranging from assisting with food prep, doing art projects, planting flowers, working with the honey bees, painting, building.   If you are considering this, feel free to email or call with questions.  You can find photos in an album on our Face Book page.  Food is included.  Sometimes people bring a food specialty of theirs to share, but this is optional.  Here is a video of the 2016 event.

To participate contact us to see if there are any spaces left, as we do limit numbers.  To see if a room is available, use our online registration system and book your stay.  You will be asked for a cc but it will not be charged.  Use Promo Code:  WORKBEE.  There is plenty of space for you to pitch a tent or park a trailer if you wish!

 Cheesemaking Package

Ever want to know how to make cheese? Stay in comfort 2-days at Amanda’s Bequest and learn to make two different cheeses.

Learn soft and hard cheese making and get some great Mozzarella and Cheddar to take home. Per couple (one room) you will end up with a two-pound round of farmer’s cheddar (along with instructions for aging and how to make your own) and one pound of mozzarella per two-night stay. Cost is $70 per person over the price of the room.  Package is limited to only a few per season. Plan on an early check in on day 1 at 11:30 am and starting the cheese making at 12 noon. Reservations are subject to approval for our schedule.

Stay and Play-Celebrating 8 Years of our Cooking School

Bygone Basic’s celebrates 8 wonderful years of food and fun on-site at Amanda’s Bequest in 2017! Combine your Bygone Basics Experience with your Bed & Breakfast multi-day stay and get 17% off of the cost of your May & June Bygone Basics experiences!! Note…choose one, two, even three activities….depending on what you choose to experience through the culinary session, this potentially includes another meal too (aside from the hearty breakfast you get)! Maybe we should call it a “stay and play and enjoy great food” 😉 Be sure and mention your plan to engage this discount at registration….Valerie will communicate with you to set-up your Bygone Basics Experience. This is subject to scheduling availability and is not available on holiday weeks.  Mention this package when registering.

Price depends room selection, and what you wish to experience at Bygone Basics. 3-person and 2-day minimum.

Wood Fired Pizza!

NEW: You can order a wood fired pizza!  Book a two day stay at Amanda’s Bequest, using our web-site, not third party sites, and get a 3 topping 14″ homemade wood-fired pizza for only $10 more.  Schedule based on availability.   Saturday night pizza is not available.  This cannot be offered for gluten free diets. You can order an additional pizza for $15.  Mention this package when registering. 

Package price depends room selection. 

Bachelorette Fun

Be safe, drive nowhere, HAVE FUN. Engage one night at Amanda’s Bequest as a whole house for your bachelorette party or similar event. Get a scrumptious breakfast, noon check-out, all four bedrooms and bathrooms, public areas, and reasonable use of the kitchen surfaces for any food prep and service (non-cooking) between 4 and 6 pm. Additionally, get a 2 bottles of champagne and sweet appetizers…AND a 10% discount for a future stay for the bride to be or honored guest.

Price depends on time of the year $450 weekdays & $550 weekends off-season and $500 weekdays & $620 weekends high season. Please, indicate this package when reserving; a separate Bachelorette Fun agreement will be emailed to you.

Sisters (or Brothers) Stay

Engage a weekend or 2 weekdays (2 nights) at Amanda’s Bequest as a whole house for your siblings or special group of friends. Enjoy a fantastic breakfast, noon check-out, all four bedrooms and bathrooms, public areas, and use of the kitchen surfaces for any food prep and service (non-cooking and must schedule kitchen time). Additionally, get a bottle of wine in each bedroom, a selection of local cheese, fruit, and Valerie’s homemade baguettes to nibble on the first night. Plenty of activities on-site and off-site.

Price depends on time of the year $875 weekdays & $950 weekends off-season and $899 weekdays & $999 weekends high season. Indicate this package at time of reservation.  Please call to inquire if your group will fit.

2-Day Harvest and Wine/Brew Getaway

Book our 1920s Room for a 2 day stay (Sunday – Thursday) and get 16% off room rate.  Arrive at 3 pm for an early check-in and enjoy a glass of wine and appetizers between 3 and 4 pm after checking in. Go for a stroll in the woodlands out back, there is a fun and unique woodland “art” walk on the property.  Sit on the stone patio by the fish pond, or enjoy a bonfire (if conditions are right).Get a wonderful rest that night… before waking to a sumptuous and hearty farm breakfast and heading out with a light picnic lunch provided by Valerie, on a local brewery and winery tour using a map the Hansons will provide, complete with visits to area farm markets and suggestions for places to stop and picnic along the way. Enjoy the beauty of the varied west Michigan autumn foliage and countryside. Come back that evening and relax in the Jacuzzi for two with the fire flickering nearby. Then, climb into a huge King bed for a relaxing night. Of course the next morning will star another grand breakfast! Linger over coffee, you get a late check-out too.  Offer valid September 1 through November 15.  This is a great Autumn getaway! 

Plus applicable taxes.

Winter Wonderland Stay

Book a 3 day stay.  Arrive at 3 pm for an early check-in and enjoy appetizers between 3 and 4 pm after checking in. Go for a snowshoe or cross-country ski trek in the woodlands out back, we keep up an easy trail for this on the property and have skis and snowshoes to loan.  Come back and rest by the fire in the parlor enjoying hot cocoa before heading out to dinner.  Get a wonderful rest that night… before waking to a sumptuous and hearty farm breakfast and heading out with a light picnic lunch provided by Valerie to enjoy the day either on White Lake ice fishing, at our local Muskegon Winter Sports Complex, snowmobile or ski the miles of trails nearby.  After breakfast the next day experience a unique session at our onsite cooking school, tailored just for what you want to learn.  Later, simply enjoy the beauty of winter from inside by our fire or in our 4-season porch overlooking woodlands (if in the Inn-Port Cabin Room) with a great book.  After dinner, come back that evening and relax in the Jacuzzi for two (if in the 1920s Room) with the fire flickering nearby.  Of course the next morning will star another grand breakfast! Linger over coffee, you get a late check-out too.  Offer valid 11/15 to 02/28.   Includes mentioned early check-in, late check-out, snacks/beverages, culinary session for 2, picnic lunch for 2, 3 breakfasts, and the room.  Not valid over holidays.  Presence of snow not promised.  😉  Can be rescheduled once in case of inclement weather.  Picnic is $25 pp, cooking class varies by topic and ranges from $35 pp to $55 pp

This is a great Winter escape!  Get 17% off Everything! Mention this package at registration in the special requirements text box, price depends on room and date selections. Plus applicable taxes.

Heritage Farmstay

Really wanting to see how it is done? Perhaps you want to go home and incorporate this lifestyle.  Considering opening a B&B?  Or, maybe just for a unique and memorable experience. Choose this option. Stay a week, or longer. You won’t regret it….or maybe you will. Stay a week at Amanda’s Bequest, choose this package, and truly experience the farmstay. Learn gardening, baking, and animal husbandry one day and experience the game of horseshoes, look for shipwrecks or just swimming in our great waters, and a bonfire the next. Help make pies, sourdough breads, ferment sauerkraut, create a round of cheese, or can the tomatoes or pickle asparagus…who knows… We promise it will be a mix of fun and learning (and activities). Note that we will give you time to explore the area but will also keep you busy. You will leave knowing how to pressure can, water bath can, take care of various animals, garden for YOUR area, bake from scratch easily, and do it all wherever you live.

Pricing…$995 for 7 days ($130 day each day after, up to 7 more days). Single Occupancy.  Add $50 per day for double.  Plan to work, plan to play, plan to have memories for a lifetime. You will stay in a B&B room but live as a family member. 2 meals a day included.  Subject to availability.  Indicate this in the Special Requirements section when reserving your stay online.


Named one of Michigan’s
Top 6 Pie Makers!
by MLIVE, Nov. 2014